I realize it’s be a little while since I’ve posted here, but I wanted to quickly bring those who read up to speed.

Most of my blogging these days goes on my Understand PTSD blog. I write about what it’s like to live with someone that has PTSD, and also provide some candid pointers for relationships. More than likely, you know someone with PTSD or someone that lives with someone with PTSD, and there seems to be a limited amount of information regarding what it’s like for a survivor’s loved ones. Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional, so nothing I say should be taken as medical advice.

I’m also part of a band: SolDimension. We’re a three-piece band right now, looking for a bassist and a drummer. We do all originals, and we are tightening up our sound before we head into a studio and start performing. The three of us are all pretty passionate about the band, so I’d encourage you to look us up and sign up for email updates.

Most of my solo music these days is neoclassical, and I’ll be posting some songs here and other places soon. For now, most of my effort is going to SolDimension, but I am working on my own things on the side.

School will be starting shortly again, which will likely take up a giant chunk of time. Three classes this term: two marketing and one lab science. Should be action-packed.

I have so many ideas brimming with things to do, it’s sometimes overwhelming. I’ll get there, though.

And as always, thanks for listening.


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